Author: Hushel Roberts

The 7 Best Places to Make Your Next Drone Race Exciting [Vote]

Voting has ended Drone racing has begun to go mainstream recently with large sponsorships and even network coverage by ESPN. Why shouldn’t you get to race in some of the same awesome courses you can find on TV and YouTube? Drone race courses can be simple or elaborate. They can be setup in the most remote places in the wilderness or in your backyard. That gives them a great sense of versatility and excitement. If you want a cool setting, here are some places you should definitely consider for your next drone meetup. 1. City Park The local park is often one...

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How Drones Fly – The Mechanics of Drone Flight

It has taken almost 100 years to go from the first multicopter created in 1924 to where we are today. In that time, we’ve not only made it possible to fly mutlirotor drones. We have also to increased their range, their payload, and had them deliver pizza. But how does all this work? Let’s explore some basic physics and flight dynamics to understand this problem.   Keeping it as simple as possible, we’ll use just a quadcopter as an example. Your basic quadcopter has a base with four arms to support 4 motors. There are two basic structural configurations, the X-Frame and...

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