Build amazing drones with one modular kit

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Drone kit parts and accessories

Dozens of Combinations

Ruka is the first modular drone kit that allows you to create the type of machine you want to build.

  • Beginner friendly with guided tutorials
  • Built in controllers for quadcopters, flying wings, rovers
  • Strong, lightweight frame pieces built to withstand crashes
  • Change between vehicles quick and easily

With our modular drone kit, you’ll want to keep experimenting with new vehicles. Push the boundaries beyond what you thought was possible.

Customize Everything

It’s not just the frame that is modular. The controls are completely customizable as well. Easy to use logic blocks allow you to change which motors are controlled and how.

  • Swap throttle, yaw, pitch and roll in seconds
  • Adjust PID and trim levels in real time
  • No software configuration or libraries needed
  • Mix air and land controls to create custom vehicles

You are only limited by your imagination.

community sharing

Share and Learn

One of the truly great things about building modular drones is the ability to do it with others. With Ruka, we promote a community of builders and teachers to help you along every stage. Whether you are building your first drone or creating the next great thing, there’s always someone to help if you need it.

  • Search the online community of shared creations
  • Download video tutorials and custom logic
  • Upload your own videos and 3D parts though the app

Cloud sharing makes it easy to mod your drone in minutes. We eliminate barriers to make sure you can build what you want when you want. Spend more time flying and less time trying.

Wifi Connectivity

Control Ruka with WiFi from any mobile device. No network required so you can play anywhere


The built in first person camera puts you in the driver’s seat. A fish-eyed lens gives you total immersion and connects with either FPV or VR goggles including Fat Shark, Occulus and Gear VR

iOS and Android Ready

Works on all modern Android and iOS phones and tablets

Fast Build Times

Using custom quick torque technology, your drone is fast and easy to put together. No more long build times and agonizing instructions.

Customize Controls

Design custom functionality using simple code blocks. Choose from a wide range of controls such as joysticks, sliders and buttons

Community Sharing

Find, download and create new drones through our online user community

Coming Soon To Kickstarter

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