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Much like Hansel, drones are so hot right now. They are becoming increasingly affordable and common. It seems like everyone’s talking about buying one, finding new uses, or advancing them so far into the future that they become our new rulers.  Then, we have to change our Constitution to “We, the drones…”. Some uses are far-fetched and far off from our current technology. While others are just around the bend.

Here are the 10 craziest uses for drones:


  1. Deliveries

drone pizza cmp

We all know that Amazon Prime wants to start making deliveries via drone, maybe, eventually. But have we thought about the other things our new future drone overlords could deliver? How about delivering the mail? Or pizza, delicious pizza? Well, Domino’s has thought about it.

And while Amazon has had its setback with getting US approved deliveries, DHL is charging full speed ahead in Europe. Or should it be “droning” full speed ahead? Ah, you get the point.


  1. Farming

drone farming

You may have heard of farm-to-table as being the new movement that promotes sourcing from local farms. But have you heard about the drone-to-farm movement?

Drones are quickly becoming valuable assets for many farm related tasks. These include crop dusting, spotting irrigation problems, and improving yield. Now if we can just get them to pick out the ripest cantaloupe at the farmer’s market, life would be perfect.


  1. Changing Journalism

drone journalism cmp

While rules around reporting and unmanned aerial drones are still being written, university journalism programs are beginning to teach courses in how to use them. Even the BBC got in trouble for accidentally flying a drone into a no-fly zone. So, drone journalism is definitely on its way.

Reporting via video shot on drone can help demonstrate the damage caused by a drought across the country… or maybe just get more shots of furry kittens.


  1. Mitigating Natural Disasters

drone storm cmp

Speaking of disasters, drones can and will be used for prediction of and tracking natural disasters before they hit, for sending disaster relief to remote areas, and for assisting search and rescue missions. No joke here, this is just important. Ok, fine, this will be great for the next time Blake Lively gets stuck on a shark rock. Are you happy?


  1. Connecting With Nature

cows funny for drone cmp

However you like to get in touch with the animal kingdom, someone’s working on a way to put a drone between you and the beast. Thermal imaging is being used by ornithologists to track and count cranes, whale watching for the water averse is apparently much easier with a drone (since the whales don’t seem to take notice of them), and – in case you’re wondering what’s going to be dominating A&E’s programming next year – Cy Brown of Louisiana figured out how to use drones with infrared cameras for hog huntin’.


  1. Policing The Humans

police drone cmp

What? Did you think I was kidding about the new drone overlords? It’s only a matter of time. We have drones with basic A.I. and drones being given the power of the law. Quickly Google ‘police drones’. Go ahead, I’ll wait. Yeah, see? It’s only a matter of time, really.


  1. Policing The Geese

drone geese cmp

On a lighter note, Ottawa, Ontario, has put drones to work with one very specific job: scare off the geese. While that might sound cruel, it appears E. coli carrying goose poop has been a longstanding problem for the Ottawa River area and has caused outbreaks in the human population. The GooseBusters (yes, that’s really what they’re called) are equipped with flashing lights and predatory noises and are being used to try to change the migratory patterns of the geese without harming them, just enough to keep them off the beaches where they can do damage.


  1. Going Hollywood

drone cinemaphotography cmp

Filmmakers and drones were practically made for each other. Drone technology is advancing quickly.  Stabilizers and stronger drones will enable better footage in major movies and student films alike. Finally, directors won’t need to rent a whole helicopter just to make sure you know that they’re making a rom-com set in New York City! Now, if we could just make a drone that generates saccharine pop music. Oh wait a minute, they already have that too…


  1. Partying Harder

The Spotify PartyDrone is here and it’s ready to play you your favorite song over your head when you get in line at a music festival (or whatever it is that fun people do). I Wonder if it can be hired to do that for your coworkers first thing Monday morning… I’m pretty sure it will be appreciated.


  1. Selling Real Estate
drone real estate

That’s nice Loyd, but we really wanted something closer to downtown.

This may be less exciting in concept, but it’s cool that it’s already very much in use. Real estate agents are using drones to capture aerial views of property. Where many of these neat applications of drones are still in their testing phase, this one’s already out there, getting unnecessary aerial photos in an attempt to sell a house you really don’t want. That said, this will turn out to be great if we can just replace real estate agents with drones altogether. Who needs you, Lloyd, who needs you?


  1. Drone Fishing


Most of the time, I think I’d rather watch dust collect on my book shelf than to watch an episode of Bass Masters. Maybe that’s because they never used drones. If hooking up a squid to an aerial vehicle and using it as a lure for tuna doesn’t excite you, I don’t know what will.


  1. Taking A Ferris Bueller-Style Day Off

hiding drone cmp

This one’s just a pitch, but hear me out: buy a drone, put it in a trench coat, pop a cut out of your face on it and see how long it takes for your boss to notice. Would they even be mad? Really? Like Ferris Bueller said, “Life moves pretty fast”. If you don’t send a drone to your desk in your stead once in a while, well, you know.

Have you seen or heard of any cool uses for drones? Let us know in the comments below.